About Killocash

Hey, my name is Nick. And I created Killocash to help ordinary people start making money online with affiliate marketing.

I am an affiliate marketer myself since 2020. My starting point was very hard for me. I remember I got my first commission($31) after one week of becoming an affiliate.

But then it stopped. Firstly the page bounce increased. Secondly, my conversions went down, as a result turning to be more expensive. And most scary, a lot of people started unsubscribing from my email list. Moreover, my Facebook Ad Account got a lifetime ban. Also, my TikTok videos got 0-100 views and 0 followers.

I was at my lowest point, just in the same week I started. However, I never gave up. I was sure that there is a way to make this work. And, of course, there was. In a few words, what I learned was to never lose faith. Because all the worthy things require time and effort. If something comes easy, it goes easy.

In conclusion, you may know Snoop Dogg‘s motivational speech: “I wanna thank me for believing in me. I wanna thank me for doing all this hard work. I wanna thank me for having no days off. I wanna thank me, for never quitting.”
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Founder of Killocash™